Phone Look Up – Is Free Reverse Cellphone Lookup Really Possible?

Many people are baffled by the idea of ​​being able to lookup cell phone numbers online. But is it really possible to perform a free reverse cellphone look up over the internet? If you've tried to do it before, you've probably been disappointed and frustrated by websites and services that promised to give you free access to a cellphone database only to find that you had to pay in order to access the records. Or may be you were asked to download some software only to be bombarded with spy ware and ad ware. But is Free Reverse CellPhone Lookup really possible?

First let us find out what reverse cellphone lookup actually means. Let's say that someone called your home number and did not leave a message or their name. You come back home and you check the phone caller ID and you find a number that you do not recognize. So you start wondering who called. Well, reverse cellphone look up can allow you to find out the identity of the caller. When you do a phone look up, you are checking the phone records to find out who the telephone number is registered to. Being able to do a reverse lookup on a phone number can be very useful in many different situations. A common situation when this can be useful is when trying to find out the identity of a prank caller or a telemarketer.

The main problem with conducting reverse cellphone lookup is that all the free directories that are available online do not have databases of cellphone numbers that you can check. The free directories also do not contain unlisted numbers or fax numbers. This type of information is private and is only held by carriers and telecom companies.

But there are websites that are able to provide access to cellphone databases held by carriers for a fee. There are 2 types of site based on how they charge for their services. The first charges on a per search basis so it's not free to do a cell phone look up on this type of site. The second type is membership based and charges a small joining fee only. This is where you would get free reverse cellphone lookup because after paying the membership fee all the searches you perform are free.

Other methods of conduct free reverse cellphone lookup using the search engines are time consuming and the results are not guaranteed. This is because they are very heavy on being able to find cell phone numbers posted on web pages online. Many people do not put their cell phone numbers on the internet.


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