KERUI Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Door Bell Shop Visitor Alert Chime Alarm Burglar

Price: $9.99
1, Please use good quality alkaline batteries, avoid using less electricity and electrolyte leakage ordinary carbon battery.
2, Non-professional workers do not repair without authorization.
3, Please avoid the product installed in the rain,with long time direct sunshine,strong magnetic,heavy cold and hot air place.
Power safe design, Triple functions
32 songs computer optional
Led indicator light
Large range of infrared
Set up and adjust
1,Sound adjustment:4 level of adjustable sound volume,press the button and adjust1-2-3-4-3-2-1 , but volume of the alarm sound is not adjustable
2,Choosing music:32 beautiful songs ,press the music key to choose ,to return to dingdong after restart or close. 3,Mode choice: VOICE :play “dingdong ,hello,welcome”
ALARM: Play alarming
MUSIC:32 Beautiful songs to choose
Technical parameter:
1,Working current:<80mA 3,Detection range:4-8m(25')
4,Detection angle:110′
5,Installation height :1.5m-2.5m
6,Battery installation schematic diagram:Pull the switch battery cover,open the battery cover Installed correctly,Press the key of battery switch ,finish the installation.
Package included:
1 x Motion Detector Entry Door Bell Wireless Infrared PIR Chime Sensor Alarm
Infrared sensor adopt to digital fuzzy treatment, automatic temperature compensation, Radio frequency anti-interference,has low rate of false alarm.
Integrating a variety of functions,welcome,wireless doorbell ,guard defense and so on.
2 choice of power supply :3 AAA battery and 9-15v power adapter(both don’t come with package)
Support human voice,32 beautiful songs and alarm
4 level of adjustable sound volume