Meat thermometer -Digital cooking thermometer food thermometer Instant read thermometer Kitchen BBQ Thermometer Candy Barbecue thermometer for Meat Food Cooking Kitchen Candy Barbecue (white)

Price: $11.99
● The high quality meat thermometer can fast display of food temperature. After the temperature is stable, temperature numbers can be locked quickly. The most important one is meat thermometers are super fast speed ,fast stability and large screen display. The super figh speed meat thermometer is popular. A good meat thermometer for Chef, Housewife, Mommy ect.

➤ Product Features:
➤ SAFATY PRODUCTS:The meat thermometer uses food level metal sensor probe. Mercury free,non toxic and lead free. The safe Digital Food Thermometer is absolute. Health protection for anyone.
➤ EASY TO READ: The meat thermometer has large screen digital display. The Cooking Thermometer have clear and stable digital display, that is convenient for anyone to read.
➤ SUPER HIGH MEASURE: The meat thermometer is equipped with a precision temperature sensing element. Kitchen BBQ thermometer can measure the temperature quickly.
➤ Lockable temperature:The meat thermometer can lock the temperature. When the Digital Food Thermometer’s probe leaves the object ,The temperature will not change.
➤ Sheath protection :The sheathing is clean and sanitary. Prevent meat thermometer bacteria from breeding.
➤ Use safety:The meat thermometer has a variety of handheld methods. Especially when measuring high temperature. Protect you from steam scald.
☀ Warranty:
100% Money Back: We offer best service for every custom, if you are not satisfied with our product, Please contact us in time, we can offer %100 full refund.

1.Never use the meat thermometer in a closed oven. Don’t touch the hot probe with your hand.
2.Do not leave inserted in extremely hot foods or liquids (anything over 572°F) for more than 1 minute.
3.Temperature measuring range:-50°C~+300°(-58°F~+572°C)

● Package Contents:
→ 1 x Meat Thermometer
→ 1x 1.5V(LR44) Button Battery
ღ【SUPER FAST DISPALY】:Meat thermometers have precise temperature element.The cooking Thermometer can rapid reaction measurement numbers.
ღ【Fast LOCKING TEMPERATURE】:After stable temperature of meat thermometer, Digital Food Thermometer can fast locking temperature ,Prevent temperature change.
ღ【EASY TO USE AND READ】:The Meat thermometers is easy to operate and comfortable button. The Kitchen BBQ Thermometer use Large screen digital display, easy reading.
ღ【SHEATH PROTECTION】:The sheath protects the Meat thermometers. Prevent Cooking Thermometer bacteria from breeding and touching unclean objects.
☀【100% MONEY BACK】 We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, just contact us and we can offer a full refund.