PHYSEN Wireless Door/Window Sensor Chime kit with 3 Magnetic Door Sensors and 2 Remote Receivers with Operating at 260-feet Range,4 Volume Levels with 52 Melodies Chimes for Home/Office/Stores

Price: $36.99
Product FeatureVoltage of plug-in receiver:110V US Standard
Working range:260 feet in open area
Receiver volume Range:25-100 dB
Contact Sensor Battery Type: 1*CR1632 battery
Installation Gap Between the big door magnetic and the small door magnetic: 1cm

Simple and Modern
The wireless and portable design allows you to install the doorbell in any section of your  retail store, business, or home.
It also can be best gift to present as its new design and nice appearance, are very popular for household

Our wireless contact sensor are expandable,you can add more accessories such as receivers,contact sensor and motion sensor as you like,just following the pairing instruction to make them paired before using is fine

Pairing Instruction
1)Select a desired music for one sensor by pressing the music control button
2)Set receiver into pairing mode by pressing the volume button on the receiver for 7 seconds until hear “ding” with light flashes to get into pairing mode
It will exit the pairing mode automatically if it doesn’t get signal from sensor in 5 seconds
3)When the receiver get into pairing mode,you should immediately trigger the sensor in 5 seconds by separating the two parts of contact sensor.
You will hear the music you selected which mean your operation is successful

Package Listing
3*Contact Sensor(double-side adhesive is included)
3*CR 1632 Battery
1*User Manual
Here at PHYSEN,we encourage you to make use of our Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty Guarantee
A happy purchasing experience is the utmost importance to us and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues ariseTake care of you family: Alerts when burglar opens door and helps deter break-ins(entry alert chime activates when magnetic sensor separates),Receiver voltage: 110V-220V
Working Range:The range of wireless receiver up to 260ft in open area, magnetic door sensor will automatically trigger the receiver when the magnetic stripe is separated and the receiver will alerts immediately whenever the door or windows is opened
Contact Sensor: big door magnetic(Size:1.77*0.95*0.35inch),small door magnetic(Size:0.9*0.35*0.31inch).They are small size and can be installed or placed at any indoor position to provide you with a door entry chime/alert system
Receiver:4 levels of adjustable volume from 25-100 dB [much louder].Offer 52 elegant or custom music,from the traditional”Ding Dong” to various well know chimes [more choices]
Easy to install:Just plug the receiver into any standard outlet and Tear the double sides adhesive tape which on the black of sensor and stick them to the door or window is fine,please take the insulating paper away before using the sensor