PHYSEN Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm,Motion Sensor Detect Alert, Store Door Entry Chime with 3 Motion Sensors and 2 Receivers,400ft Range,52 Chimes,4 Volume Levels,Build in LED Indicators

Price: $24.99
Simple and Modern
Take Care of Your Child:Alerts when your love one is where they aren’t supposed to be
Great for retail or small business environments
Notifies when customers arrive
Maximum 120m/ 400ft operating range
Sensor battery: 2*1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery
Receiver voltage: 110V
Volume range: 25 to 110dB
Detection zone: 8.2ft or 2.5m x 110°
Dimension: Receiver: 87 x 80 x 27.5mm or 3.43 x 3.15 x 1.08in; Sensor: 86 x 55 x 36mm or 3.39 x 2.17 x 1.42in
You can program one chime for one door transmitter and a different chime for the other one, so you know which area to go answer
Here is how it works:

1.Select desired ringtone by pressing music control button;
2.After choose the ringtone,then long press receiver volume button for about 5-7 seconds until hear receiver “ding” with blue led light flashes
which mean receiver get into pairing mode and it will exit it automatically if it doesn’t get signal from transmitter in 5 seconds
3.When receiver get into pairing mode,you should immediately active the motion sensor pair with the receiver in 5 seconds.
You will hear the tone you selected which mean your operation is successfully.
Then on this receiver to choose a different chime for the other one motion sensor and following the above pairing instruction to make them paired is fine.

Here at PHYSEN,we encourage you to make use of our Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty Guarantee.
A happy purchasing experience is the utmost importance to us and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.
Receiver:4 levels of adjustable volume from 25-100 dB [much louder].Offer 52 elegant or custom music,from the traditional”Ding Dong” to various well know chimes [more choices].Build in blue led light for the hearing impaired.
Working Principle- Our sensor uses PIR to detect any movement within the detection zone(8.2ft range x 110°). Perfect for long or hidden driveways to allow you just a little extra warning before guests arrive.Dimension: Receiver: 80 x 80 x 30mm or 3.14 x 3.14 x 1.15in; Sensor: 86 x 55 x 36mm or 3.39 x 2.17 x 1.42in
Power Supply-1 Sensor: 2*1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery(batteries is included),or you can use USB cable to power on,USB can’t charging the battery; Receiver: no battery required,just plug in any standard outlet,plug and play.
Expandable: If you have more than one driveway or area you would like to monitor, you can expand add more sensors or receivers as you like,just following the pairing instruction to make them paired before using is fine.