Put a Spy Video Camera on Your Shirt and Spy For Fun!

A spy video camera is your best friend if you want to do undercover surveillance work. These cameras are particularly useful for private investigators and people who are interested in spy gadgetry. Suffice to say, a spy camera is most effective when it is hidden in pieces of clothing or wired to the human body. Body worn spy cameras are so dependable that they can produce high quality video even in the most pressing situations.


Button cameras are effective and cumbersome at the same time. Though these cameras are very stealthy, most models come with a battery pack that you have to tape to your body. The wires going to and from the camera makes it easier to spot in complete body searches. If you are just content on spying from a distance, button cameras will do just fine. But if you want to be as close to the subject as possible, you can put a spy video camera on your baseball cap. However, use one with a small dry cell battery instead of a camera with a battery pack. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting spotted. In fact, spy cameras on hats are frequently used in gag shows like MTV’s boiling points and Punk’d.


When you’re wearing a suit, you can still be a super sleuth by mounting a very small spy camera on your neck tie. This way, the camera is completely undetectable especially if it blends with the design or color of the tie. If you want to catch a cheating wife or husband, you can dress up like a businessman and monitor the offenders from a safe distance without looking too suspicious. If you would like to be nearer, use a fountain pen to conceal your spy video camera. Put your pen camera in your lapel to get the best surveillance footage.

Other Stuff

If you have a wireless spy video camera and transmitter, you can hide them in ordinary objects like cigarette packs and Zippo lighters. If you want to capture a friend’s exploits in a casino on a holiday casino, place a cigarette pack camera in his pocket as he is playing poker. This way, you will know for sure if he is really bluffing or not.

Be creative with a spy camera and hide them in small two-way mirrors and cell phones. Be different and don’t just settle for the typical spy glasses all sleuths are using. Remember though that you may have to respect other people’s privacy to a certain degree. You should never spy on them while they are in the bath room or when they are changing clothes. Having a spy video camera does not give you the right to pry on other people in their most intimate and private moments. As much as possible, spy on your friends for fun. And let them know that you have spied on them by showing them your surveillance footage. For sure, your friend will really get a kick out of it!


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