Rechargeable Triple-A Batteries – Do not Leave Home Without Them

If you are tired of pressing the button on your camera and seeing the dead battery indicator, you need to get a better set of rechargeable triple-A batteries. And when it comes to rechargeable batteries, there is one and only one industry leader that is by far and away the most reliable and most popular batteries around.

Without a doubt, the Sanyo Eneloop triple-A NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries are the most popular rechargeable triple-A batteries anywhere online. They have more than 900 customer reviews! That's right – more than 900. And the Sanyo Eneloop triple-A batteries proudly walk away with a 4.5 star rating.

The reason that Eneloop batteries are so popular is that they seem to last forever because they have a very low self-discharge. Self-discharge means that a battery loses its power when it was not in use, even if it was continuously charging. That is why most rechargeable batteries were not sold fully charged. By the time you bought them and tried to use them, their power would already be gone.

This is one of the reasons why normal rechargeable triple-A batteries got a bad name. They had to be continuously recharged, and even then you were not guaranteed they would work very long because they discharged so quickly. On top of that, if you charged the batteries without them being completely dead, you drained its ability to recharge.

And this is why Eneloop products are so popular now. Eneloop solved all of these problems by created a low self-discharge battery. This means that you can buy fully powered batteries and use them immediately. They are perfect for electronics including cameras, remote controls, flashlights, and so much more. They can keep up to 85% of their charging ability after one year. Compare this to more traditional rechargeable products that are completely drained and useless by then.

So how long exactly can Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries last? They can be recharged up to 1,000 times without losing their charging capacities. You would be lucky to get 10% of that out of normal batteries.

Oh, and one more great thing about Eneloop – they are not that expensive. You can get a 4-pack of rechargeable triple-A batteries for $ 10 if you know where to look (hint: start at Amazon).

So the second most popular set of rechargeable triple-A batteries is Sony NiHM . These also come in packs of four which will run around $ 10. Now you will not see the rave reviews that you see on the Eneloops' above, but these Sony products still are pretty good. They stay charged longer than most, but they can take a little longer to recharge.

People talk about getting 20 – 40 hours out of them before they need to be powered back up, but the amount of time you get will be completely dependent on what you are using them for.

If you are looking for rechargeable triple-A batteries along with the charger, here is the Duracell Mobile Charger that can charge double-A or triple-A. This is a portable charger that can charge through a normal wall plug, a car charger, or from a USB device. Virtually everywhere you are, you can be sure to have completely charged batteries almost immediately.


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