Remember to Recycle Your Old Batteries

Almost all Lead-acid vehicle batteries are now recycled which is of course a good thing because it reduces the amount of waste that is taken to refuse pumps. The acid from these energy boxes if taken to refuse dumps can leak and contaminate water and the soil. Marine life and land animals can be effected by this hazardous waste.

When you buy a new battery at many stores these days, then an exchange fee or a deposit is imposed and if you exchange your old one you get your deposit back. Where these deposits are not in place, there are often people who will collect your old battery and they then take it to a refuse site and they in turn receive a fee for these waste energy boxes.

Scrap lead is worth quite a lot of money, the lead inside of many batteries can weigh quite a bit, about 18 pounds in weight, so it is worth it, for a person, to deal in recycling these. This can only be good for all of us, less waste at the refuse sites and money in the pocket of those wishing to deal in recycling such items.

Many other types can be recycled but the most valuable is the lead-acid type. It is not just car electrical boxes that can be recycled, in fact over 90% of all batteries used today can be recycled. In recent years, with the large amount of electronic toys and gadgets that now get sold, numbers have increased immensely. About three billion are sold in the US every year and numbers are increasing all the time, as more electronic gadgets are made and cell phone, numbers increase so we have more batteries in our household.

In many states in some countries it is often unfair to throw these out with the rest of the household trash. Instead you should throw all of your old batteries into the correct recycling bin. A good idea and a way of being kinder on your pocket, is to use rechargeable types wherever you can, they cost more to buy but last so much longer. Most rechargeable types can be recycled as well.

Manufacturers are always trying to find ways of reducing mercury in these items, mercury usage has almost been phased out by the new silver-oxide and zinc-air button types, these contain much less mercury. Always read the label on packaging, look for no mercury added.

It is within everyone's interest to recycle your old batteries whether that is a auto-mobile or a cell phone type, recycling reduces the waste received at refuse sites and can also keep the cost down of new ones. Batteries really are a necessity these days but they do not have to be hazardous to us. With care and consideration as to how you dispose of all of these we can all enjoy a better environment. Most of us use these power cells at some point, but many of us give little thought, as to what we do with them, when all the power is used up.


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