Replace Your Car Key With Your iPhone

A new technology has launched which will enable you to open the doors of your car with your phone. This has replaced the keys and the technology is showing its wonders in the newly developing applications. The company General motors have been working on this project for long and now it has turned into a reality. They are even planning to add more applications to iPhone.

This application will be introduced to the cars in United States and then they will spread this application to other states also. Great response has been reported by the customers. They are also planning to introduce an application in iPhone which will start the car by a button click. You can warm up the car from a long distance by this. This will be a great help for people staying at cold climatic region. Even if you want to locate your car at a crowd you can just make use of this application. With your iPhone click you can on the lights of your car and can easily locate it from the busy parking lot. You can even alert the horn of your car with this new technology. This application will also help you to unlock the doors of your car and also to open the boot.

Another interesting thing about this new application is that it will display the health report of your vehicle. This will contain the information like oil life of your vehicle, the fuel range available, the pressure of wheels and the average fuel economy for your vehicle. This application is limited to Unites states, Canada and China. This can be applied only to cars of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.


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