Review of 35mm Rangefinder Cameras

If you want a rangefinder camera, there are many cameras available on the market. But Contax G2 35mm Rangefinder Camera and Olympus XA A11 35mm Rangefinder camera are good choice.

Contax G2 35mm Rangefinder Camera:

The Contax G2 is a camera in a professional line that continues to grow. The G2 increments the standard for rangefinder cameras with a four frame per second integrated motor drive and top shutter speeds of up to 1/6000 second.

It has Carl Zeiss T lens. It is further improved with the inclusion of the Carl Zeiss T Biogon 21mm f2.8 and the Planar 35mm f2.0. These lenses get you quality pictures.

The Contax G2's features are with bulb shutter speed, interchangeable lenses and autofocus.

You'll find the blend of active and passive focusing systems of the G2 wonderful. It's able to focus in poor light up to 5 meters.

So the Contax G2 can provide you good quality pictures with style, speed and accuracy.

Olympus XA A11 35mm Rangefinder Camera:

This is a classic compact point-n-shoot camera. It presents rangefinder focusing and manual aperture setting. It also gives you a +1.5 stop exposure compensation.

This helps you shoot in backlit conditions like in the snow or on the beach. And the tenth second shutter speed is nice for night shots.

The Olympus rangefinder camera easily fits into your pocket and features a 35mm f / 2.8 Zuiko lens. Zuiko lenses are top-of-the-line, equivalent to Carl Zeiss. It's a real plus to this camera.

A76 type, 1.5 V button cell batteries are used in this range finder camera. Many other rangefinder cameras have the mercury batteries with different voltage output. But the Olympus batteries will be standard.

This is a nice point and shoot gem in Olympus line now.

Now that you have discovered these details, you can pick the one you like and enjoy the quality output of the camera.


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