Samsung E900 – Multimedia With Great Looks

This phone combines great looks with some of the most capable multimedia features. Adorning the front of the phone are the touch sensitive buttons. These buttons light up when you touch them. Otherwise they remain discrete. Now let us come to the multimedia features of the device beginning with the imaging capabilities of Samsung E900.

The phone comes with a two mega pixel camera. This camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor. The images that are taken by this camera are of pretty good quality. Just like other mobile phones from Samsung, the color reproduction is near accurate. This camera comes with a 4 times digital zoom. Samsung has also thrown in a nice integrated flash light which allows you to take images in low light conditions. Since this is a Pict Bridge device, it is possible to print your photos sans any computer and even over Bluetooth.

The camera is also capable of recording videos. You can record videos in mp4 format. Moreover you can use the integrated TV out connection to view videos on TV.

This is a very capable device when it comes to music as well. The phone has 80 MB of on board storage. You can also increase the overall storage space on the phone using a Micro SD card. The music formats supported in this cell phone are mp3, AAC, AAC + (unprotected) and wma. This means that you can put in music purchased from eMusic and even the iTunes Plus store but no protected wma like those from Rhapsody.

All in all this is a very capable multi media device along with great looks. You can use it as a fashion statement which doubles as a mobile music player.


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