Samsung E950 SIM Free is New Upgrade to Samsung E900 – SGH E950

For those that follow the mobile phones industry the Samsung E900 was a real breakthrough in technology, it was the first ever Samsung phone to feature touch sensitive controls so rather than actually having to press the menu keys you simply touched the surface with your finger to select options.

It was not without its critics though, as some users complained that the phone selected different functions to what they had touched and that maybe the settings were a little too touch sensitive, however the majority of consumers were facilitated with this new mobile technology and another manufacturer soon followed suit, LG launched its chocolate label range of phones that also featured the technology.

There were far more complaints about the LG handsets than the E900 and soon the latter became known as the better of the devices.

The Samsung E900 was also one of the first of the manufacturers phones to have its corners 'squared off', at the time of its release the majority of Samsung offerings including the D600 were far more rounded in design and the E900 set itself apart from the rest with its clean lines and smooth slide mechanism.

Following on from the success of that first handset the company has now released a direct upgrade, the Samsung E950, it features a very similar design and also the trademark touch sensitive buttons but with some serious enhancements and a couple of little extras.

Firstly the camera has now been upgraded from a 1.3 megapixel to a 3.1 megapixel lens allowing for high quality snaps and video clips to be captured before being stored on the phones expandable memory. The internal memory has not changed from the 80MB of the original but with the explosion of memory cards in all sorts of devices the expandable memory allows files to be transferred to all sorts of medium like laptops, MP4 players and other mobile phones.

using the latest micro technology, Samsung have also managed to shave off some of the handsets overall dimensions taking the depth of the phone from 16.5 to just 15mm, however the overall design has changed very little, the main, square control pad is still present under the main display but there is the small inclusion of a dedicated Yahoo key taking the user directly to the Yahoo homepage.

The original E900 was launched in five different colors which included Gold, Black, Pink, Orange and Silver, there is no news from the manufacturer as yet as to whether they intend to follow the same route with the E950 but if this model receives the same popularity as the previous then it would make perfect sense to follow suit.

The E950 has been launched in the UK as a SIM Free handset, this is to say that consumers can purchase the phone without a monthly contract contract in and use their existing SIM card with their current mobile number and service agreement by simply inserting it into the new handset.

Overall, the new Samsung E950 is a big improvement on what was a very good phone, the extra technology and features plus the smaller dimensions will no doubt bolster the popularity of this sleek, sliding device.


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