Samsung Ted Baker L760 Pink Also Known as Samsung Ted Baker Button Phone

Collaborations between mobile phone manufacturers and designer labels is becoming a far more common occurrence as the mobile phones industry becomes a more competitive market place.

Recently we have seen agreements signed between the designer clothing giant Prada and the mobile phones manufacturer LG Electronic to produce the LG KE850 Prada which quickly became known as simply 'The Prada Phone'.
Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves consumers unsure of the actual model number of the handset that they interested in which can lead to confusion over exact phone specifications and features.

A recent collaboration between Vodafone and Mclaren Mercedes to produce the Samsung Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes phone had some consumers very confused indeed as the handset was promoted as a Samsung Z720 but it did not offer the same specifications. One particular complaint was that for some unknown reason the manufacturer had removed the all important flash for the 3.2 megapixel camera, no one is sure why this had happened as the branding was purely superior rather than extra hardware that may of needed some extra space.

This is something to watch closely as some manufacturers do tend to leave out important features when branding handsets for different companies, collaborations between designer labels and mobile phone manufacturers have earned themselves a dubious reputation and the blank name of 'Fashion Phones'.

Fashion phones are ordinarily considered to be handsets that have simply been rebranded by a designer and do not usually offer the latest mobile technology and features found in the other handsets released around the same time.

This could also be said for the new product that has come about after the collaboration between samsung and Ted Baker, the new Samsung Ted Baker phone or Samsung L760 Ted Baker or indeed the Samsung Ted Baker Button offers some mid range technology and concentrates more on exterior looks than on features.

The initial problem is what to call the phone, the model number is indeed the Samsung L760 but as with designer phones that have gone before it, it is likely to end up being called simply the Ted Baker phone.

Even though it is not heavy on technology, the handset does look aesthetically pleasing offering a dark pink finish with pink exterior buttons, a pink keypad underneath the sliding mechanism and a flood effect on the back of the phone using two tone dark and light pinks.

The name 'Ted Baker Button' came about because the handsets main navigational key located just below the main display is actually modeled on a real button with four holes in the center, very much as you would expect to find on a pair of Ted Baker jeans .

This new handset offers a mid range 2.0 megapixel camera with a zoom function for close ups which only months ago would have been a high specification camera, however the latest releases from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and LG are now available with a 5.0 megapixel camera onboard.

Other features of interest include a web browser for surfing the mobile internet, an MP3 player that can be filled with songs either from a PC or downloaded directly from the web and an FM Radio for tuning into local and national radio stations. Bluetooth is present for wireless connections to headsets and car kits as well as transferring files to compatible devices as is an expandable memory using MicroSD cards for the extra space needed for photos, video clips and music tracks.

The Samsung Ted Baker L760 offers enough of today's mobile technology for the average user to live with but probably more importantly will stand out in a crowd with its new designer makeover. This is a handset for those who are not interested in bundles of features they may never use but instead enjoy showing off their latest designer gadget.


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