Siso Tablo Review – How to Transform Your Notebook into a Tablet PC

The Siso Tablo is basically a pen input device which fulfills creative functions and carries out every role associated with a Tablet PC. All the users need to do is install it onto his PC. Siso Tablo is perfectly compatible with both Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Windows XP. Apart from that, Siso Tablo also offers features like drawing, illustrating, drawing and sketching and all the user needs to do is touch the appropriate button. The pen mouse offers benefits in areas where the use of a mouse is essential. This includes applications and softwares like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, PDF, Illustrator, Microsoft Journal note, Sticky Note, etc. The user is given the option to not only create innovative documents and photographs but also add his own style into it. This kind of personalization is what makes the Siso Tablo so popular.

The Siso Tablo offers a number of benefits as well. First and foremost, it does not require much effort to convert a laptop into a Tablet PC. The installation process is not only simple but also fast. The user can certainly touch the screen for basic inputs or use the emotional handwriting feature which is similar to Nintendo Wii. (This includes both 2D and 3D)

According to a Siso Tablo review , the coverage is at par with a normal laptop screen size which is about 15.4.

While using photograph editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Paint, one can easily transform pictures due to the reliable brush effect that is applied by providing pressure as a technology ensures this function.

The user can also easily tap into the benefits of Microsoft Office 2007 as well as Microsoft Windows Vista. In addition to that, due to the existence of the TABLO annotator software, it is attuned to the features of Microsoft Windows XP as well. Therefore, the user is given the advantage of using every feature included in Windows XP with the greatest ease.

Last but not the least, it offers advantages that allow the user to create documents and the like, using both the Ink and the Digital Pen. This allows extreme creativity and innovation and consequentially, uses the best features of both applications.

For users who wish to install the Siso Tablo must make sure that their CPU is 1GHz Pentium compatible, has a RAM with an internal memory of about 512 MB and an interface that includes a USB port and a CD-ROM so that the user can make use of any application without must effort.

In conclusion, the Siso Tablo [ TABLO & pid = 805 & cat = Accessories & cid = 97] is a standard HID pen device and its sampling rate is about 70HZ. On the other hand, it makes use of Infrared and Ultrasonic technology and extracts power from a LR41 Cell battery or a DC5V (USB).


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