Solar Garden Lights – How to Change Batteries

Are your solar garden lights not working properly? Chances are the problem lies with the rechargeable battery in the solar power cell. Changing the battery on the solar light will give it new life.

Getting Started

Before you start taking apart your solar garden light unit, you should consult the instructions or manual that came with it. Although the inner workings of these solar lights are essentially the same, the construction is usually different given the make and model. The instructions will also indicate the type of rechargeable battery provided with the unit, making it easier to locate the proper type of replacement battery. Under no circumstances should you replace the battery with a regular alkaline household battery. Alkaline batteries will damage the inner workings of the solar power cell and render the unit useless. Only use rechargeable batteries as replacements for your solar garden lights.

How do I change the batteries in my solar garden light?

Find a working area with good lighting and a place to set the pieces in order to reassemble it properly. As far as tools go, most units will require a couple of sizes of Phillips screwdrivers to take the unit apart and to put it together again. There are usually small screws, so have a small tray to hold these so you do not lose any while working on the solar garden light unit. Place the pieces in order when taking them apart. This will make it easier to put it together as you would just reassemble the unit in reverse order from taking it apart.

Once you have reached the battery, remove it from the solar light. You can try to recharge it in a household charger designed for that type of battery. Sometimes batteries do not charge all the way, especially if the solar garden light is placed in an area that does not receive full sun. This can shorten the lifespan of the battery. If the battery can not be recharged, you should replace it. If the battery does recharge, replace it in the solar power cell and reassemble the solar garden light.

Where Can I Find Replacement Batteries for My Solar Garden Light?

As rechargeable batteries are becoming more popular, it is quite easy to find replacements. You will find them at most electronic stores in the section that sells batteries. There are a few kinds of rechargeable batteries. Any kind is acceptable, but you may want to replace them with the same kind you removed from your solar light. Look for a battery that will hold its charge for a long time. Life expectancy for most rechargeable batteries are 1-2 years. Replacing the rechargeable batteries in your solar garden light each year is recommended to get the most value out of your purchase.


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