Sony Drbt50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset – Comfort, Quality and Performance – All in One!

The Sony drbt50 stereo Bluetooth headset boasts 40mm device driver units that drive home crisp treble and spectacular bass for first-rate sound accuracy. And an agronomic inside ear cup design makes for a superior fit and provides increased sound tones. The built-in rechargeable battery pack supplies about seventeen hours of music playback time on a single charging, so you are able to savor your favorite music even longer. Remote operation of the play, stop, fast forward and rewind buttons on the earphone is included for your comfort.

If you’re planning to clamp something to your head, comfortableness is going to be all important. The first thing you will notice about the Sony drbt50 stereo Bluetooth headset will be the deluxe cushioned ear pads and head band. They’re an unbelievably comfortable pair of cans. The ear cups cradle your ears lovingly, even for long periods. Those of you with bigger auditory receptors will experience being cared for since the fragile headphone cushioning positively caresses your stress-prone ears.

I’ve noticed a little, but really handy feature: a button on the side of the headset permits you to answer mobile phone calls, and an assorted volume and navigational controls enable remote operation of an MP3 player or a matched handset. If your telephone rings while you are listening to your favorite song, the music is automatically paused and your telephone call is put through to the headphones. Hang up your telephone call and the music continues from the same place you left it. Neither your telephone nor your MP3 player have to come out of your pocket. What a perfect handy little feature.

Comfort apart, sound quality is the next all important ingredient. The Sony drbt50 stereo Bluetooth headset with unsurpassed bass replication, bringing forth a powerful almost live performance.


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