The Feature Rich Nokia N-Series Handsets

Since their launch, the N series phones have created quite a uproar in the world with their innovative features and some very amazing design options. The overall connectivity remains supreme in every part of the world. The Nokia handsets are not just unique but there are features that can only be found in the sets of Nokia.

The Nokia handsets are not just meant for communication purposes; there are also other options as well. One can speak about the camera, music, and business applications, available in many models from this brand. The gadgets in the N series, for instance, have been updated with the best of functionalities and are made handy for the use of the different categories of users. In Nokia handsets, one finds the easy way of dealing with things. One can use the integrated imaging options to capture very sharp pictures at the best resolutions possible.

The camera power in Nokia N mobiles can extend from 2 MP to up to 5 MP. The users can use these options to record videos and that too for long durations. The memory of many of these gadgets can support up to 5 hrs of video recording. These mobiles are empowered with the ARM 11 332 MHz processors. Moreover, due to the presence of good WAP browsers, many of the devices can be used for surfing, downloading and opening files at a very high speed.

A majority of the nokia n series mobiles are given a slide open design although there are a few that have a flip open or the normal design. The dimensions attributed to the N-series mobiles make them very compact. The connectivity of these handsets are exalted with options such as GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared and USB port. These options are very required for transferring of files wirelessly or by making use of wired cables.

The extra card slot would allow the user to add extra memory to many of these devices. Thus it becomes possible to store data that is received via Bluetooth or other connectivity options. The immense memory support of the handsets give a cutting-edge to the users; they are able to store images, videos and ringtones that ideally require a huge memory space. The N-series devices have batteries that give long hours of standby time and talktime and then it is now possible to make long duration calls without any trouble.


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