The iPhone Craze – is the New Apple iPhone Cell Phone Worth All the Hype?

As the iPhone release date of June 29, 2007 approaches, it looks like the whole world is abuzz with anticipation over the latest product from the maker's of the much loved iPod.

When Apple creates, people listen, and watch, and drool.

The 2007 Macworld iPhone was introduced in January and ever since then the blogs have been heatedly discussing every attribute of this new arrival. The overall consensus is that many die-hard techies do not think the iPhone delivers enough power or versatility. They already have a list of gripes about the Steve Job iPhone that could potentially dampen the excitement.

But is that really going to happen?

No, and here's why. Once you see the iPhone in action, it's obvious that this is one cool gadget. The majority of people do not care one bit about all the little nitpicking technical details that this phone may or may not have right now. Once you take a look at how beautifully this baby is designed, you'll be mesmerized.

You can scroll through a menu with one finger!

There's also this cool iPhone zoom in zoom out thing you can do with your fingers to magnify photos in the photo library.

The mp3 player on this phone is amazing as well. You can easily flip through your library and see full view CD covers. Just click on the CD image you want. Immediately the list of songs pop up. Press the song you want to hear and turn up the volume.

Wanna know what the weather is like?

Press a button and quickly get local or national weather updates.

Wanna do a little web surfing?

No problem. A couple of quick presses of the fingertip gets you online in a snap.

Oh, yeah, and it makes phone calls too.

These are just a few of the features of the iPhone. Imagine what future generations of this cell phone will be like. The iPhone combines many gadgets into one sleek and beautiful package.

Okay, so how much does iPhone cost?

Some people feel that the Apple iPhone price is too much. There are two versions of this phone. The 4gb iPhone is $ 499 USD and the 8gb Apple iPhone is $ 599. In reality, these prices are consistent with other high-end cell phone releases that first entered the market. If you do a little research, you'll see that there are other cell phones that sell for $ 500 – $ 800. Looking at it that way, iPhone pricing is pretty good, considering it's revolutionizing the whole look and feel of an average cell phone.

Cingular and AT & T are the authorized carriers for the iPhone as of now, and of course, they'll be offering various packages. You'll need to budget some extra money for data use and any other feature that can have additional charges.

Will all the cool kids have iPhones?

Yes. All the cool kids, early adapters, and influentials will definitely own an iPhone – all adding to the hype. These people will show off their new toys to all their friends, who will then want one of their own to play with.

All in all, I'll say that the iPhone is worth the hype because so many people will want one that it will become the new standard in cell phones –

So, sit back and enjoy the excitement.


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