The Law of Attraction – Lesson 2

Frank Lloyd Wright: "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." While inwardly, we crave the spiritual, emotional, and physical release that the law of Attraction provides, some of us our squirming in our seats. Psycho – mumbo-jumbo, new age babble – what is causing us to feel uncomfortable is that we are going against the grain of everything we have been taught – from school to church, to work to play. We are all shrouded in man-made rules, and like children, we have come to know our social and belief parameters defined by these rules. Unlike children though, we have forgotten that some of the rules become old, outdated, and no longer certain to our situation. We do not only do not push beyond the rules – we have forgotten how. The Law of Attraction asks you to suspend disbelief – in yourself.

Can you possibly imagine going around without the load of labels that have weighed you down for years – the 'good' son, the 'good' daughter, the reliable, boring, not as bright as, not as good as, not quite the personality to be rich, not, not, not? Jim, the screw up or Jane, the nut-job? Just about everyone of us has locked away or buttoned down part, if not all, of unique human potential to have the right to graze in the pasture with the rest of the cows. We are too constrained by the rules of the herd, to go out by ourselves and taste greener grass. We have sacrificed our individuality for a sense of belonging – a false step – since many of us know we're never quite fit in '. Think of all the money spent on therapy and physical illness caused by fighting ourselves – our true nature – to try to fit in!

Proctor explains in Lesson # 2 that the Universe provides one power – available to all, regardless of location, time zone, status, or belief system. He underscores another law that supports the Law of Attraction. That is The Law of Vibration. He keeps that everything is constantly changing – from the rock sitting on top of hill to you, yourself. What's more – you know it. Hey, remember high school science – matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So what can it do – it can change. Is it so hard to believe that we who lose and re-grow millions of skin cells daily, can not and do not also lose and re-grow brain cells as well? We have an infinite capacity to change our thinking like the dead cells we shed and we attract whatever we think!


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