The Special Features Of Nokia N81

Which is the best mobile phone of Nokia? This is often asked by people. And in that case it becomes really difficult for us to answer. Because all most models of Nokia have something to offer and they are wide choice of people around the Globe. Here we can say that almost all models of Nokia designed meets some one's needs. Now if you still insist for a model then I would suggest you to go for Nokia N81. Now this question may be arise in your mind that why I am suggesting you Nokia N81 and why not others? Dear, to make all your doubts clear I would like to give you the trivia of this product, with the help of you can understand products value and worth. This stylish mobile phone is a slide open phone that is offered in dimension 102 x 580 x 17.9 mm that makes you feel like a member of royal family when you communicate over it. The Nokia N81 has many other features too which can woe any customer.

There are quite a few things that lead to upsurge in the sale of this eye catching Nokia N81 mobile phone. Now I am going to give you the bird's eye view description of this adorable mobile phone. Above all, it has been designed for the GSM user that is offered in one size: 2.4 inches only. When it comes to its screen Nokia N81can get ahead of other rivals as equipped with screen 240 x 320 pixel. This widened screen is assembled with 16,00,0000 colors that give reality to your picture or images.

In today's world, when life is surrounded with hectic schedules then surely you need something that can make you feel glee or jolly. Yes, I am talking of inbuilt MP3 player which is equipped with highly modern technology, AAC / e-AAC + / WMA / M in Nokia N81. But to keep your mobile active all the time you need a heavy duty battery that can support your mobile phone for long time span. Nokia N81 is offered with Li-po 1050 mAh (BT-6MT) battery that keeps your mobile phone in working order up to 410 stand by hours and it survives for 4 hours if it is used for gossiping.

Other than these, if you have got composing skills or wish to dabble your hand into composing then Nokia N81 is a smart choice for you since here you get the option of composing songs. And that sitting at house you learn the art of composing. Go on boy with this wonderful small tech savvy device.


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