Tips On Improving Your Cellphone Life Life

Cellphones, for all practical purposes, have become a necessity in the modern world. Not only are they used as a communication device, they are now increasingly seen as a personal computer system with functionalities that were previously associated with the bulky desktop. Powerful as they may be, modern cellphones are limited by the fact that they are readily on the batteries which do not hold a large amount of charge. Thus, in this article we will examine ways in which cellphone users can extend their cellphone's battery life.

Turn Off The Vibrate Feature

One of the best techniques to increasing the battery life of a cellphone is by turning off the vibration mode ringer option. This is one most energy draining feature found in today's cellphone, the energy required for turning the tiny motor which causes the phone to vibrate is almost double to that required for the same phone to ring.

Turn Off Back Light

Most people generally use their cellphones in areas with sufficient background light, hence in these places there is no real need to have the back light on. However, if you do require to use the back light then its best to keep your back light time out to no more than 3 seconds.

Use Cellphone Just For Talking

If you want to conserve your battery then its best to use the cellphone for what it was initially intended for and nothing else. This means that you should avoid playing games, using the built in camera feature, listening to music, instant messaging or surfing the web. Battery use is directly related to cpu use, so the more tasks you do with your cellphone the faster your battery will drain.

Reduce Volume Level

Another way to increase your cellphones batteries is by lowering down the volume for the ring tone and by turning in unnecessary sounds such as the button pressing clicks and key tones.

Turn Off Your Cellphone When Necessary

It is pointless to keep your cellphones on in situations that you know will not be able to get a signal at such as on a plane, subway or in a library. Scared of missing a call, do not. Many cellphone providers already have a system in place that would avoid you from missing a call. In this system, if a caller is not able to reach you then they are automatically forwarded to your voice mailbox where they can leave a voice mail for you to review later on.

Take Care Of Your Cellphones Battery

Battery are not very resistant to temperature changes, since its vital you store your cellphone batteries in a place that is at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. If possible try to fully charge your batteries nightly at minimum once every three days. Over time the terminals on the battery may become oxidized, depending on the severity you may just need to clean the terminals with alcohol or need throw the battery altogether.

Over time cellphone batteries do begin to lose their charge capacity. This is due the general wear and tear and is to be expected. On average you can expect a modern cellphone battery to last for a couple of years before needing replacement.


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