Toyota Prius Battery, Replacement Options

What are your options when your Toyota prius battery dies? This is not a fun thing to have to go through considering that most people don’t know that this problem CAN cost it’s owner more then an engine replacement.

Weather you have a Generation I, or a Generation II Toyota Prius, you could be looking at some expensive solutions to this Prius problem!

First of all, what is the problem?

The problem with your Toyota Prius battery is that it is losing its charge. Meaning where as it usually re-charges it self at each stop and go, it is no longer able to hold that charge and your battery is dying.

You will know when it is dead because it will stop running, and you will not be able to start it again. This means that there is not even enough charge left in your battery to run the car.

How will you know when you need a new battery, or your Toyota Prius battery is starting to die?

You can easily tell if this is happening if you are starting to notice that you are not getting as many MPG. (Miles Per Gallon

Your Prius will not even start anymore, or you feel it start to pick up speed slower after every stop. Also, once your battery is already dead, a gray screen comes up on your center council with three little pictures that shows you that the battery is dead.

What is the best solution to this problem?

I have personally been in this situation now a few different times because I buy and sell cars, and have come across a few of these Prius’ with bad batteries.

If you ask me what I believe to be the best solution, I would have to say that I have had the most luck simply rebuilding my Toyota Prius battery pack myself.

What I do is take newer cells, and convert them over to my Generation I battery backs.  I have done this a few times now using a guide for rebuilding a Toyota Prius Battery.

This is the best solution because it lasts a long time, and only costs around $500.

To learn more you can do so here:


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