Universal Bluetooth Headset – Are They All Versatile?

A universal Bluetooth headset is fashionable and light weight with compact design, and is available with two covers. The universal Bluetooth headset is designed for all BluetoothV2.0 enables PDAs, cell phones, PCs or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The device has separate volume control buttons, and easy-to-use single-button interface. It is also equipped with a multifunction key which can voice-dial, answer calls, re-dial, hold and end calls, and reject calls, without touching the phone. The operation mode and battery status is indicated by the light display.

Universal Bluetooth headset automatically connects to the paired phones that are within 10 meters range. The standby time is more than 150 hours and talk time is up to 4.5 hours. The earplugs are comfortable and can be easily touched, and can also be rotated 360 degrees. Earplug gives high quality sound and securely fits over either ear.

Universal Bluetooth headset comes along with USB charger cable, hanger, US standard plug USB charger, 2 ear-bud covers, two headset covers and a user manual.

Motorola Universal Bluetooth headset lets you stay connected even while you are mobile. It has an exceptional sound quality, even when on move as there is excellent background noise cancellation. The quality of sound is exceptional on both ends of the conversation, and digital signal processing provides sharp audio quality. Dual microphones cancel the background noise. Its multi-point technology allows user to connect with other compatible phones simultaniously. The battery is rechargeable with charging time of up to two hours.

Motorola "Motopure-H12" Universal Bluetooth headset sets new standards with its sophisticated looks, and great performance. The device is smaller than a thumb, and is available in perforated metal cover, and glossy black chrome and plastic lining. The proprietary "Crystal-Talk" promises clear conversations even in noisy environments. Two microphones separate voices from wind and background noises. The controls are simple with a circular call button, a volume button and a power slider switch. Different modes of the headset and battery life are indicated by LED. The device comes with matching desktop charger, a carrying solution and a charging case to help protect and charge with style.

Motorola "H375" Universal Bluetooth Headset is comfortable and cheap, and is cutting edge piece of technology. For anyone who is new to the wonderful world of Bluetooth technology, this is a great headset. It is reasonably priced, and operations are very quite simple. It's easy pairing option allows the new users to set-up their headset in just a few minutes. The device is easy to operate, and compatible with voice activated dialing phones.

A universal Bluetooth headset is especially suitable for motorbike riders. Equipped with great features, good looks, and ease of use and assembly, this device is also universally compatible with Bluetooth PDA phone and mobiles. The microphone proves clear communication even when the driving conditions are rough. The headset easily gets attached to the helmet, and allows user to initiate, reject or receive calls by voice-control. It uses Digital Signal Processor technology to reduce noise and cancel echo.


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