Unlimited Long Distance Carriers

There can be nothing more exciting then to make unlimited long distance calls, for a single monthly rate and without changing the local phone service provider, if you are someone who makes a lot of long distance calls. It seems impossible, but it is possible in many parts of the world today. These long distance carriers make it possible for the user to make unlimited long distance calls by paying a single monthly fee. The customer can do so without having to worry about a per minute fee payment.

These unlimited long distance carriers make it possible for a person to call anywhere in the US or Canada, anytime. These also include interstate as well as intrastate calls. The distinctive feature about these long distance carriers is that, the users do not have to switch to any other phone company to use its services. There are no installation or cancellation fees and the service can be immediately activated. The account is maintained online and the customer has complete access to it. This ensures complete transparency. People do not need to have a special phone connection or extra equipment to log on to these unlimited long distance carriers. Once registered, the user can call anywhere in US and Canada, as well as other countries worldwide, depending on the specific service.

The charges of these unlimited call plans vary. They are different for unlimited long distance in the state, state to state and international plans. It is wise for the customer to check the state and state to state rate while choosing an unlimited long distance plan. There is no limitation placed on the calls made, provided the person is not using it for telemarketing or to connect to a long distance dial-up for extended periods of time.

It takes a little research and discretion on the part of the customer to find the best unlimited long distance carriers, but it can be a very solid financial decision once the person finds the right one.


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