What Not To Forget This Christmas

With the concern thought that Christmas is not to far away there has never been a better time to consider shopping about and deciding on the gifts you would like to buy for your loved ones. That is of course if you have not decided already. When it comes down to what to buy this Christmas this article can not help you but what this article will do is outline the things you must not forget to buy this festive season.

I refer to these things as the Xmas essentials as every year somebody forgers to buy such items to go with those wonderful gifts. So your probably thinking "What is he talking about? And where is he going with this?" Well my answer is Do not worry because I'm going to tell you.

Batteries, I'm talking about those cylinder, square or round things called Batteries. Everybody forgives them even when you remind yourself to buy them. Then on Christmas day when the children are happy playing with the gifts suddenly the batteries run out and the utter chaos breaks out. The kids are disheartened, the parents are already juggling with the turkey, the vegetables, setting the table just right and entertaining the visitors. And then all that goes out the window when, yes you guessed it the children's new toy has run out of batteries.

This is where this article now comes into action a second time. Here I will guide you into what batteries are for purpose and to what items they generally belong to.

Alkaline Batteries

These type of batteries are becoming the main battery choice for most toy manufacturers and digital equipment such as Xbox controllers, Wii Controllers, Baby Toys and a whole host of other items. Alkaline batteries are commonly used as disposable batteries but can also be bought as rechargeable. Make sure to check if the ones that you buy can be recharged as they can rupture and cause leaking of the hazardousous liquid inside which will corrode the equipment.

Lithium Batteries

This type of battery is commonly found in portable electronics such as Cameras, Watches, PDA's and Calculators. Lithium batteries can last up to 15 years and have a higher energy density than other types of battery. Be aware with some types of lithium battery as they are a shiny button cell which is often attractive to small children. Not only are they a choking hazard but if swallowed they can incur leaking and chemical burns within a few hours.

There are also a lot of other types of battery that I could mention in this article but I will not delve into that as it seems that they are not that important to this subject as many are not included in toys or electronics that you would normally buy as a gift for a loved one at that special time of year, Christmas.


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