What We Know About the Playing Card Shuffler

Playing cards is one of America’s favorite past times. It is an inexpensive form of entertainment that families can enjoy together from the playing the simple game of slap jack, right through the games of War, Spoons, Euchre, Pinochle, bridge, rummy, poker and too many others to name.

From the time we are toddlers right through to our golden years, most of us have enjoyed a card game of one kind or another. For those of us who are card players, think about all those cards you have shuffled over the years. Now someone suggests you get a playing card shuffler.

At first, you probably feel offended. After all, you have been shuffling cards all your life and you are probably wondering why you should buy a playing card shuffler now, after all this time. Then you stop and think. Little Andy is only 6 and though he insists on shuffling his own cards when the two of you play spoons, the cards come out in clumps looking pretty much like the hands before.

Grandma’s arthritis makes shuffling painful for her and your teenager Betsy, well heavens to Betsy, she gets talking on that cell phone of hers and forgets to shuffle at all. Maybe a playing card shuffler isn’t such a bad idea but where in the world do you find one.

Well, you could make a trip to your local department store. However, bear in mind that most department stores aren’t known for their quality merchandise. If you are going to buy a card shuffler, you want something impressive enough to use at those Friday bridge games and Tuesday poker games so why not shop for your Playing card shuffler at a store that actually makes and sells products designed for avid card players. Someone who specializes in these kinds of things. Here are a few products that you might find in an online poker store.

Wooden Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

A wooden deck automatic playing card shuffler would be perfect for the entire family to use. They are attractive enough for the adults to use when playing bridge with even their most sophisticated bridge friends, durable enough to hold up for the rowdiest poker night and easy enough to navigate that even your small grandson can shuffle with ease.

This shuffler has two plastic cardholders, you put the cards in one side, push a button the cards shuffle through the machine and land in a tray on the other side ready for the deal to start passing around. It does this in seconds. It can shuffle either one or two decks of cards and runs on 4 AA batteries. You get all this for less than $15.00. Considering how easy it is to use for the entire family, it really is a great deal.

Texas Hold’em Card Shuffler

The Texas Hold’em playing card shuffler is perfect for all those nights of poker with the boys. Since you are all getting older, having a playing card shuffler can really help the game move along. You don’t have to worry about Ned, talking away to hide the fact that shuffling those cards is getting harder and harder by the month and is taking longer and longer to accomplish.

Nor do you have to worry about young Rob who just gives the cards a quick shuffle and never does as through a job as anyone likes. You simply put the cards into the machine and you get well-shuffled cards every time in only just seconds.

This playing card shuffler simply takes two C batteries and it is ready to go. Sturdy and reliable it is not only great for those poker games but comes in handy for any kind of card game you and your family likes to play. For less than $20.00, this shuffler is a great deal.

Shuffle Tech Professional Casino Playing Card Shufflers

For those of you who hate constantly buying and recharging batteries and want top of the line quality then the Shuffle Tech Professional Casino Playing card shuffler is the must have shuffler for you. This little black box not only runs on A/C power and comes with a 6` power cord to keep those cards shuffled perfectly long after you and all your buddies batteries have run down but it is also very compact and portable, which means you can take it to all games no matter where they are held.

This handy little machine actually replicates the different hand dealing techniques that dealers in the casino use by simply pushing various buttons. This will certainly make you all feel like you are in the midst of a really high stakes gambling game whether you are betting peanuts or all those dimes and nickels you have saved up. It even has a removable tray so that only the dealer touches the cards when dealing them. It has a clear window so that all the players can see the cards being shuffled.

While this playing card shuffler comes with a pretty hefty price tag of around $600.00 when you stop and consider that you won’t need to buy batteries and this shuffler will probably last for years and years no matter how many games of cards you play, and how often, it is certainly well worth the money.


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